German/English – English/German

As opposed to translating the focus is on the spoken word.

Consecutive Interpreting

Several spoken sentences are subsequently repeated in the target language with the help of notes. This method is still used at hearings, at specialised expert conferences and for small groups.

Simultaneous Interpreting

This method has nowadays more or less replaced consecutive interpreting as it is more timesaving, though also more demanding. Here the transition into the target language happens almost at the same time with only a few seconds between the original speaker and the interpretation. The term “simultaneous” refers to the the actions of hearing and speaking happening at the same time.

Whispering Interpreting

Whispering interpreting is a special form of simultaneous interpreting, where the interpretor is placed behind and to one side of the listener(s) and reproduces the contributions very quitely in the target language. Due to the limited volume this is only possible for a very limited number or listeners (1-2). We offer all three of the above options.


Our hourly rate is EUR 60 plus VAT and travel time and expenses as well as provisions in case of longer events.


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