We are all villagers

Language skills. The last few decades have not only brought as in increase in complexity when it comes to technology, but also new challenges when it comes to communication. Globalisation has turned the world into a village – and this means that we need to communicate both efficiently and effectively with people in different countries on a daily basis. Foreign language skills are a first step to make this communication possible. What makes this communication really successful is knowledge about other cultures in order be able to strike the right note when it comes to interhuman interaction and also interpret messages correctly.


Social Skills

Because diplomas are not enough anymore

Social skills. Expert qualifications alone do not suffice any longer in order to be successful. This does not only apply for leading project teams, departments or entire companies, but also for interacting with colleagues from all hierarchic levels and of course business partners. The human factor does quite often determine the success of negotiations, presentations, sales talks – and as a consequence the company’s success. Luckily, social skills can be acquired just like expert knowledge and can bring more satisfaction and acceptance for individuals and more success for companies.





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