German/English – English/German

A language is more than just the sum of its words.

Your Benefits

  • In keeping with cultural aspects: does not only provide correct translations from technical point of view, but we also consider cultural nuances when it comes to the wording.
  • Diversity: Your documents from all areas are in good hands with us and will be sent to you in due time – before you pay.
  • Confidentiality: Your documents are of course treated as absolutely confidential.
  • Editing / Formatting Should you require any textual or format-related corrections for special documents such as for example job adds, press releases, presentations or similar we will gladly support you here, too.


We do not primarily calculate our prices according to the number of words but also with regard to the complexity of the text and how urgent it is. Thus a binding estimate of costs can only be provided after we had a chance to look at the document to be translated.


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